Tretridian Northrenpynt

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Crown Domain of Northrenpynt

Norþord (Tretridian)
Nordpoint (Lissian)
Tretridian Northrenpynt in 1980
Tretridian Northrenpynt in 1980
StatusColonies of Tretrid
Common languagesTretridian, Peyeterin, Lissian
• 1650-1689
Eadgyð I (first)
• 1979-1981
Ælfric III (last)
• 1898-1905
Samuel Travis (first)
• 1974-1980
Terry Bently (last)
Prime Minister 
• 1935-1945
Terrence Meadows (first)
• 1975-1980
Lance Partridge (last)
• Established
• Independence
3 March 1981
• First Nordenpuntian elections
June 1990
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Tretridian West Novaris
Lissia File:Lissia Flag.svg
Democratic Republic of Northrenpynt File:Nordenpuntov2.png
Today part ofTemplate:Country data Aponivia

Tretridian Northrenpynt is the term used by historians to refer to the colonial period of Northrenpynt and Lissia from 1650 to their independence in 1981. Originally founded as Wendake Bay Colony under the purview of the administration of Tretridian West Novaris, the colony was the the only one of Tretrid's West Novaran colonies to survive the chaos of the War of the Tretridian Succession, unlike the territories of modern-day Arkalarius, Schlesia, and Ostarkeland.

For most of its existence, Northrenpynt largely remained autonomous (though under the oversight of the Tretridian Crown) due to its distance from its parent country. However, Tretrid would tighten its grip over the colony after the advent of the telegraph and the later construction of the Transnalpian Railroad made information and troops flow between Northrenpynt and Tretrid much more quickly. This would last until the 1920s, when Tretrid gave de jure autonomy to Northrenpynt so it could focus on more domestic political toils.

In 1981, people voted in a colony-wide referendum for full independence and the establishment of a republic. The transition to a fully independent state lasted several years, during which the colony was partitioned between Northrenpynt to the north and Lissia to the south.

The first elections held in Northrenpynt as a fully independent state were held in 1990. Today, the territory of Tretridian Northrenpynt is entirely enclosed by Aponivia.