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Federal Republic of Schlesia

Bundesrepublik Schleschreich (Arkian)
Flag of Schlesia
Coat of arms of Schlesia
Coat of arms
Motto: "All are worthy, all are equal, all deserve redemption."
Anthem: "A Renaissance of Fire"
Official languagesArkian
Recognised national languagesTretridian
• Acting President
George Gray
• Dallacquan rule
c. 1200-c. 1500
c. 1500-1650
• Norgsveltian rule
1650-c. 1680
• Ethalrian rule
c. 1680-1750
• Independence
September 4, 2020

Schlesia (Arkian: Schleschreich), formally the Federal Republic of Schlesia, is a country in West Novaris, situated southeast of Ostarkeland and west of Aponivia.

Its history has been largely defined by the struggles between various great powers over its territory, starting with Dallacquan expansionism in the 13th century. However, Dallacquan rule ended after Tretrid defeated it in a series of wars and forced the concession of a chunk of territory far in the west, what would become Tretridian West Novaris. Tretridian rule there didn't last, either, as the War of the Tretridian Succession lead to the seizure of Schlesia by Norgsveldet. Within thirty years, Schlesia was taken by Ethalria, who ruled it for seventy years before the Arkian Revolutionary War. Under the organization of the new Arkian state, Schlesia was a kingdom in personal union with the King of Tretrid. However, this personal union ended in 1804, and the reign of the ruling house of Tretrid would end with the Schlesian Crown War. When the Arkian Civil War broke out, Schlesia was invaded by Tretrid, who set up a military occupation. This state of affairs lasted for 18 years before a civilian government was created.