The Worldwide Exposition of 1895

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The Worldwide Exposition of 1895 was an international cultural festival held in Crystal Coast, Tavaris. At the time of the event, the city was known under the name Enaro Ttatražakai. It changed its name to Crystal Coast, a direct translation of the Tavari name, in 1970. It was the fifth such event held since their inauguration by Tretrid in 1875. Worldwide Expositions would later come to be known as World Expos, and sometimes as World's Fairs. The 1895 edition was held from January 28th to April 16th.

Tavaris sought to host the expo with the aim of showing the world that Tavaris was a good place to come and visit. Tavaris had begun marketing itself as a pristine, "exotic" destination and sought to create a tourist economy. They chose to hold the expo in the city of Crystal Coast, which the Tavari had long considered to be the "cultural capital" of the country. There is also a significantly prominent natural feature in the area, the eponymous Crystal Coast region where massive crystalline outcroppings can be seen jutting out of coastal cliffs. The local coast had warmer water than the seas around Nuvrenon, the capital in the south, and also had easier access to the open sea, which made it easier to get to.

By all accounts, the event was a success. A brief fad of increased interest in Tavari food is said to have occurred in Great Morstaybishlia after the expo, and Tavaris did see a significant increase in global tourism and attention from other countries. A total of 20 participants sent exhibitions to Tavaris, which at that time was the highest ever. Among the first-time attendees in 1895 were Asilica, Ni-Rao, and Vesienväl. The Tavari, as host, fielded two exhibitions: one for Tavaris and one for the Native Rodokans, under the name "Rodoka."