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A guide to the first TEPwiki page in Cukish

Cukish dictionary
Cukish term Staynish meaning Notes
Livá Leganeás New Leganés See the term's etymology here
-le 's Cukish genitive ("pertaining to", "related to", "of")
etonári remembered Literally "non-forgotten" (negative particle éto + nári, "forgotten"). Apotropaic adjective for the Oblivion Islands.
çéqi island
Etonárir Çéqir Oblivion Islands "The Remembered Islands"
Zhonéria Shoneria
-ka and Copulative suffix
coperátia cooperative Derives from Impelanzan "cooperativa".

In Cukish, the letter "c" is only used on words of foreign origin and shares the same pronunciation as the letter "k".

comunedát community, commonwealth Derives from Impelanzan "comunidad".
-rya or Disjunctive suffix
ahwálda just, only, simply
soberána sovereign Derives from Impelanzan "soberana"
nafión nation, nation-state Derives from Impelanzan "nación"
se in, into
Urçá Urth
qrená- to locate Generally in middle-passive voice ("to be located").

"Qrenástyofi": qrená- + -sti- (indicative mood, the action is certain) + -o- (3rd person singular suffix) -fi (middle-passive voice, the subject is affected by the action). Literally "it is certainly located", translatable simply by "located"