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The Subatomic penguins is a Phoexy-Coasteran vocal group from Mandagot, Southern Coast, consisting of Jean-Noël Besnard, Gaétan Donut and Paulin Allaire.

Donut, Allaire and Besnard met during their studies at Royal secondary school in Mandagot, where they practiced the lyre and the tambourine.

The group formed in 2002 and released their self-titled debut album Subatomic penguins, containing songs in both Packilvian and Frakanic, the following year. After their debut single "Aimer et aimer" was released in 2003, the trio had many hits in Arcturia, including "Rivière des Roses", "Quand le ciel pleure", "Arbre D'Or" and "I eat Pasta". The trio were very popular in their native countries, Federation of the Southern Coast and Phoenixia, and have had a brand of both ice cream and curd snack named after them, marketed exclusively in their homeland due to their celebrity status.

The group released six albums in various countries across Urth — "Pingouins subatomiques Xtra" was released in 2003, "Traces of Happiness" in 2004, and "Real estate", "Nice thanks" in 2005. The group's fourth album, "Sadness and Money", was released in May 2008, followed by "Città del futuro" released in 2012. The latest album, "Longue vie", was released in October 2017.

The music videos for the singles became popular, each gaining over ten million views on Dube. During that time, Subatomic penguins performed at many Music festivals, such as Grand Prix of Music and Bluckingham Music Week.

Between 2009 and 2013 the band became a quartet with the singer Martan Clev. In October 2013 he left the group to start a solo career and finish university, and the band decided to continue as a three-piece act.

In 2022 they have planned a series of concerts, called subatomic tours, in which they will perform in Phoenixia and in Southern Coast.