Bluckingham Music Week

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Bluckingham Music Week (BMW) is an annual music and culture festival held in Bluckingham, Phoenixia. Started in 2005, the event is organized by Syharmony, a federal company, and attracts around 20,000 attendees and 1,000 music industry professionals each year.

BMW's music program features a diverse lineup of 250 to 500 artists, representing a range of genres from experimental electronica to neo-classical. The festival is known for showcasing emerging talent from Phoenixia and beyond and has been recognized as an important industry event by various newspapers and music magazines. Additionally, BMW is a partner of the Keychange initiative, which aims to achieve gender balance among festival lineups and music organizations by 2024.

In addition to its music program, BMW also hosts a conference that has expanded in recent years to address a wider range of social issues and showcase visionaries from various fields. The conference is attended by around 40,000 people and 2,000 industry professionals.

Overall, Bluckingham Music Week serves as a networking platform for music and creative industry professionals and is a major tourism destination for the city of Bluckingham, the capital of Phoenixia.