State of Toscani

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State of Toscani

Stato della Toscani
Flag of Toscani
Flag of Toscani
The State of Toscani as part of the Fortunan Confederation.
State Governor 
• 1973-1980 (first)
Bartolomeo Nieri
• 1997–1999 (last)
Barbara Ditoscani
197330,713.30 km2 (11,858.47 sq mi)
Preceded by
Succeeded by
People's Republic of Toscani
Regional State of Toscani
Today part of Fortuna

The State of Toscani, also simply referred to as Toscani, was a Fortunan state set up by Emili and Ancona to govern the territory of the former People's Republic of Toscani following the end of the Toscanan-Emilian War.