Six Years War

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Six Years War
Smirnov inspects Guard.jpg
Iphelklorian Emperor Nikolai Smirnov inspects the Ademar Guard
DateMay 11, 1951 - September 21, 1957
Eastern Iphelklori, Karishkanov, Yadylika and the West Sokalan Sea
Result Allied victory, reduction of Iphelklorian troops and installment of a democratic republic
Iphelklori flag.png Iphelklori

SOKALA.png Sokala
YADYLIKA.png Yadylika (1951-1956)

Karishkanov Flag.png Karishkanov (From 1953)
YADYLIKA.png Yadylika (From 1956)
Commanders and leaders
Iphelklori flag.png Nikolai Smirnov

SOKALA.png Andrew Matagumpay
YADYLIKA.png Juan Corazon(1951-1956)

Karishkanov Flag.png Akudusdy Quinn (From 1953)
YADYLIKA.png Elizabeth Costales (From 1956)
Casualties and losses
Iphelklori flag.png 878,746

SOKALA.png 441,155
YADYLIKA.png 11,431

Karishkanov Flag.png 641,532
YADYLIKA.png 6,403
Civilians killed:582,043
Displaced peoples: 951,510

The Six Years War (1931-1937), also known as the Iphelklorian Holy Crusades of 1931, was a war waged by Iphelklori in an attempt to spread Ademarism in the region.