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This page or section is not canon and should not be considered part of current TEP Evolved RP.
Confederacy of Rufuina

Motto: Glory to the Confederated State
Official languagesStaynish
Recognised national languagesStaynish, Impelanzan
Ethnic groups
Rufuinans, Impelanzans, Puntalians
GovernmentCapitalist Dictatorship
• Supreme President
Mark Hanlon
• Secondary Supreme President
Kanan Charter
LegislatureThe Congressional Assembly

Rufuina is a nation that is situated between Lokania and New Calth on the continent of Arcturia, Rufuina's name was first coined by the Impelanzan empire when they noticed that a significant majority of the tribal locals there had the name Rufus, which was how the name 'Rufuina' was coined, today Rufuina is described as an authoritarian capitalist by the Rufuinian state and most of the international community. Rufuina today is mostly made up of ethnic Human Staynes whom immigrated to the former kingdom from 1005 to 1515 inhabiting most of the eastern coast of the country, leaving most of the original local Rufuinans to the west coast.

Rufuina became an official dominion of the Great Morstabishlian Empire in 1709 after a majority of the eastern coast of Rufuina was now inhabited mostly by ethnic Staynes, due to this the MBE demanded that King Rufus the 12th of Red that he and his kingdom swear fealty to the empire, which he was forced to accept out of fear of coming under direct rule from Sani Bursil. During this time the Rufuinan monarchy became very unpopular as the populace felt as if the king and his family simply signed the country's independence away without a fight or simply doing it for security.

Rufuina later gained it's independence at the turn of the 19th century after the MBE pulled out of the region due to increasing stability of the 'Wolfen Republican faction', a growing faction with a belief that Rufuina and all of it's people's had the right for self determination via vote and were staunchly against a king ruling their country. The republican Wolfen ideals spread and it eventually led to civil war in 1852.