Royal Lessau Army

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Royal Lessau Army
AllegianceLessau Armed Forces
Size110,000 personal & soldiers
Part ofCommander
Lieutenant General Nelis Olde Meijerink

The Royal Leassau Army is the land forces element of the military of the Lessau.

The Royal Lessau Army was raised on April 19th,1839 however, its origins date back to 1470, when the so-called Lessaun Militia was raised. It fought during the 80 Year Wars, Gordic Revolution, the Sidonia War of Independence, Latianburg war, and served with NSTO.

Since 1980, the army has deployed to the Atiland from 2001 and the War in Latianburg, as well as a number of PKFU peacekeeping deployments, notably with PKFUIF in Imperial Fandom and PKFU in Fortuna.

2 of 6 Leassuan Army Brigades are now under Kasmiyland Command. In 2016 the 124th Airmobile Brigade, was integrated into the Gordic Rapid Respond Force, while the 79th Mechanized Brigade began integration into the 1st Kasmiy Division in 2018, with the intention that it is fully part of the Gordic Council formation by the end of 2019. The Kasmiy-Leassau military cooperation are seen as an example for setting up a Gondwana defense union.

Crewed Ground Platforms

Crewed Platforms
Name Type Caliber Branches Notes Picture
Armoured vehicles
KM204 Infantry fighting vehicle 35mm/50 Bishmaster Cannon Marines, Army 62 were sold to Latianburg in 2017 and 20 are in storage. 121 in active service, with 30 for training File:KM204.jpg
Hogswath 1000 Self-propelled gun kAS 155 mm K32 Artillery Gun (60 rounds), 7.62 mm machine gun Marines, Army 48 are in active service, 12 are used for training and 50 more are in combat ready storage File:Hogswath 1000.jpg
Couger 3 PSO Peacekeeping Main Battle Tank 1× 120 mm K55 smoothbore gun & 2× 7.62 mm KG3A1 Lessau PKFU, Army The Lessau army supplies about 300 troops for the Kasmiy/Lessaun 1st Kasmiy Battalion, which fields a Lessaun tank squadron with 28 tanks.
Vermit Scout car 40 mm grenade autocannon or ,12.7 mm machine gun Marines, Army 465 in active service, 50 more used for spare parts and 15 in museums or destroyed. Versions: Reconnaissance (244), General Purpose/Cargo (73) Medium Range Anti-Tank (58), Air Defence Vehicle with (Stinger (28), Forward Observer (55), Mortar Carrier (49), Tactical Air Control and Target Designation (18). File:Vermit.jpg
Boxeinto 6x6 wheeled armored vehicle Up to three Machine Guns Marines, Army 12 NLEB Reconnaissance and EOV (Electronic warfare) File:Boxeinto.jpg
ShrubMaster Infantry Mobility Vehicle Remote weapon station up to 12.7mm KMG or 40mm KGM launcher, or manned open turret up to 12.7mm KMG or 40mm KGM launcher Marines, Army 20 have been lost in Litop and Greenbay provinces during the Luthernburg deployment. 30 more were ordered and added to the fleet in 2015. 58 Bushmasters will be converted: 22 to Command vehicles, 22 to Repair vehicles, 22 to Cargo vehicles, 22 to Electronic Warfare vehicles.
Air defence
SHMD-49 Mobile long-range surface-to-air missile with anti-ballistic missile capability Marines, Army SHMD PAC-5 and PAC-8 missiles, operated by 101st Squadron File:SHMD-49.jpg
CRSAMS Medium range air-defence system Army Operated by 49th Air Defense Battery File:CRSAMS.JPG
KHADD Anti-ballistic missile system Army Operated by 49th Air Defence Battery