Lessau Armed Forces

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Lessau Armed Forces
Service branchesRoyal Lessau Army
Royal Lessau Navy and Marine Corps.
Royal Lessau Air Force
Royal Lessau Military Constabulary.
HeadquartersBurdels, Lessau
Commander-in-ChiefThe Goverment
Minister of DefenceStijn Lugtenbeld
Military age17
ConscriptionRequired by law, but never enforced.
Active personnel228,000
Reserve personnel120,000 + (retired troops still mobilisable)
Budget22 Billion
Percent of GDP2%

The Armed forces of the Lessau consist of the Army, Navy, and Air Force.

The service branches consist of:

  • Royal Lessau Army.
  • Royal Lessau Navy and Marine Corps.
  • Royal Lessaua Air Force.
  • Royal Lessau Military Constabulary.

In addition, within the Kingdom of the Lessau there are small local conscript forces on the islands of Shindoa and Heseblo. These operate under the auspices of the Royal Lessau Navy and Marines. The military ranks of the Lessau armed forces have similarities with UK and SH military ranks. The highest-ranking officer in the Lessau military is the Chief of Defence , who is a four-star officer.

Foundation in law and purpose

The Lessau armed forces exist by declaration in the constitution of Lessau. Article 4 of this constitution determines that the armed forces exist

  • to defend the Kingdom of the Lessau and its interests on Urth
  • to protect and advance the international rule of law.

Interestingly, this means that the role and responsibility of the Lessau military in international stability and peacekeeping is constitutionally determined.

The same article of the constitution determines that supreme command of the Lessau military resides with the Government of the Netherlands. This has been the case since the constitution was changed in 1962; before then, supreme command of the armed forces of the Lessau was held by the Queen of Lessau.

In addition, a second major change in military affairs was made in 2013. Before then, all citizens of Lessau were tasked with the defense of the kingdom. In keeping with the move to a professional military, this article was dropped.

Military personnel

The Lessau military is currently a fully professional military. Conscription in Lessau was suspended in 1948 with the exception of the islands. All military branches and specialties, except for the submarine service, are open to female recruits. The Dutch Ministry of Defence employs almost 62,000 personnel, including both civilian and military personnel.

The Lessau military is part of the NSTO militaries and therefore conforms to the structure of a NSTO military. It also uses conforming rank structures. All Lessasuan military personnel, officers and enlisted personnel, are required to take an oath of allegiance.