Royal Latianburg Navy

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Royal Latianburg Navy
AllegianceLatianburg Armed Forces
RoleNaval Warfare
Size32,000 Personnel

72 Ships

119 Aircraft
Admiral of the FleetJaadallah al-Farran
AdmiralRif'a al-Zaidi
Vice admiralTurki al-Saah

The Royal Latianburg Navy is medium force of about 32,500 personnel. It maintains 3 Submarines, 2 Amphibious Assaults Ships, 2 amphibious transport docks, 8 Cruisers, And 7 Destroyers . Although primarily concerned with coastal defense and NSTO Operations, the Navy is constructing a six-unit class of blue water corvettes in conjunction with Kuthern shipbuilder kAE.Latianburg maintains a small battalion-sized marine force called the Latian Marines equipped with Bush armoured personnel carriers.