Latianburg Armed Forces

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Latianburg Armed Forces
Service branchesLatianburg Army
Royal Latianburg Navy
Royal LatianBurg Airforce
HeadquartersWinterview, Latianburg
Commander-in-ChiefPresident Shawn Henry
Minister Of DefenceIzzat el-Yousif
Military age18
ConscriptionRequired by law, but never enforced.
Active personnel210,000
Reserve personnel510,000
Budget42.1 Billion SHD
Percent of GDP2%

The Armed Forces of Latianburg is the armed forces of the Emirates Of Latianburg and has primary responsibility for the defence of all five emirates as well as well as joint protection of the Commonwealth Of Kuthernburg. It consists of 210,000 personnel, and is headquartered in Winterview.


Although initially small in number, the Latianburg Armed Forces have grown significantly over the years and are presently equipped with some of the most modern weapon systems, purchased from a variety of outside countries, mainly Kuthernburg, South Hills and the UK. Most officers are graduates of the United Kingdom's Royal Military Academy, with others having attended the South Hills Military Academy , the Royal Nacatan Military College, Lazoop, and St Andrews. Nacata opened the Winterview Base in May 2011.


There are two distinct military organizations in the LAF, the federal military force is called the Latianburg Defence Force, and the five Emirates maintain their own forces.

Federal Force

Latianburg Army

As part of the military of the Emirates Of Latianburg Ground Force is responsible for land operations at home and abroad.

Royal Latianburg Airforce

The Royal Latianburg Air Force has about 24,000 personnel. The air force agreed in 2002 to purchase 120 SH F-19C from South Hills. Other equipment includes 80 Kuthern Raptors, Staynish Hawk aircraft, and Cranian helicopters. The air defense has a Eagle missile program for which Kuthernburg has been training. The LAF has taken delivery of two of five Kriad I-Eagle batteries.

Royal Latianburg Navy

The Royal Latianburg Navy is growing, with more than 32,000 personnel and 72 vessels.

Royal Latianburg Coast Guard

The Royal Latianburg Coast Guard is the official coast guard agency of the Emirates Of Latianburg and is primarily responsible for the protection of the Latianburg coastline through regulation of maritime laws, maintenance of seamarks, border control, anti-smuggling operations and other services.


Military expansion (2001–2015)