Royal Kuthern Army

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Royal Kuthern Army
BranchRoyal Kuthern Army
Size274,600 personal & soldiers
Part ofMinister of Defense
Garrison/HQAll Of KOK
NicknameAir Guard
Army Guard
General Gomchi Harden
Ceremonial chiefNaomi Truden II

The Royal Kuthern Army is the land-based and largest component of the Royal Kuthern Armed Forces. Along with the Kuthern Air Force, the Kuthern Navy, and the National Guard, it is responsible for the Kuthern government. All soldiers are considered professionals following the suspension of conscription, voted in parliament in 1999, and made effective in 2005.

As of 2014, the Kuthern Army employed 220,600 personnel. In addition, the reserve element of the Kuthern Army consisted of an additional 409,453 personnel of the Operational Reserve. Currently Kuthern Army Owns and Operates 82,000 Pistols,32,000 Submachine Guns,52,000 assault battle rifles,1,200 shotguns,2,200 sniper rifles,33,000 Machine Guns,8,000 Portable Anti-Materiel Weapons,12,000 Grenade-Based Weapons, as well as 470 Tanks,1,500 Armored Recce,3,000 Armored personnel carriers,300 Armored recovery vehicles,120 Armored engineering vehicles,320 unarmored engineering vehicles,15,000 Unarmored Vehicles, 200 Self-propelled artillery ,29 Towed artillery,115 Mortars,221 Anti-aircraft artillery. The Army Air Corps consist of 160 Aircraft as well as number of KHAAD sites.

Small Arms

Small Arms
Name Type Caliber Branches Notes Picture
KP-2 Semi-automatic pistol 9mm Spec 3 Army, Marines The Self-Loading KP-2 9mm Spec 3 is the standard issue service pistol of the Kuthern Defence Force.
Kuch Knof 32 Semi-automatic pistol 9mm Army The Kuch Knof 32 is used by various special forces units.
GH-90 ShotGun 12-gauge Army, Coastguard, Navy Used by both Special Forces and Military Police personnel. It is also used in specific roles within the infantry.
Submachine guns
SB-92 Submachine gun 9mm Army, Marines, Navy Primarily used by special forces units.
Assault rifles and carbines
SG-16V Semi-automatic battle rifle 7.62×51mm NSTO Army Used by the Kuthern Federation Guard with bayonet attachment.
Scar-90 Bullpup assault rifle, Carbine, Light machine gun, Squad Automatic Weapon, Submachine gun 5.56×45mm Marines, Army
K4 Carbine Carbine 5.56×45mm NSTO Army, Navy, Air Force Used by various Kuthern special forces units.
Precision rifles
S48-Sleet Bolt-action sniper rifle 7.62×51mm NSTO Army, Navy, Coast Guard An Kuthern variant of the bolt action Arctic Warfare rifle, it is the standard-issue sniper rifle in the Kuthern Army and is chambered for 7.62×51mm.
BG-90 Straight-pull bolt action sniper rifle 7.62×51mm NSTO Army A straight-pull bolt-action sniper rifle chambered in .338 Kapua Kagnum. The rifle has been observed in service with special forces and infantry units in Aurora.
Kal .50 Anti-materiel rifle 12.7x99mm NSTO Army, Navy, Marines The Kal .50 is the largest-bore variant of the Arctic Warfare sniper rifles suited to the anti-materiel role.
KS-22 Designated marksman rifle 7.62×51mm NSTO Army, Navy A semi-automatic 7.62×51mm sniper rifle. It has recently been observed in service with reconnaissance and special forces units of the Kuthern Army. It has seen service in Latianburg, Atiland and Yor Isles.
BR-45 Battle rifle 7.62×51mm NSTO Army, Navy BR-45'is used by infantry and special forces units to fill the gap between a sniper rifle and 5.56mm derivatives.
SH-19 Battle rifle, designated marksman rifle 7.62×51mm NSTO Army, Navy Small numbers borrowed from South Hill forces were used by Kuthern special forces in Aurora.
K9 Bayonet Army, Navy, Air Force The Army's primary combat knife used by all personnel and attached on the K4 carbine.
Machine Gun
KN Minigun Light machine gun 5.56mm/7.62mm Marines, Navy, Army The Army's standard light machine gun chambered for 5.56×45 mm NSTO.
KN-14 General Purpose Machine Gun 7.62×51mm NSTO Marines, Navy, Army The Army's general purpose machine gun chambered for 7.62 × 51 mm NSTO.
KG-901 Heavy Machine Gun .50 mm Army, Navy, Air Force heavy machine gun not used at the infantry section level but rather as a heavy support weapon usually mounted on vehicles. It uses the .50mm cartridge and has an effective range in excess of 2,000 metres.
Grenade launchers
K709 GL grenade launcher 40×46mm Army, Navy, Air Force Attaches to the Scar-90 and K4 rifles.
NK 45 SL Automatic grenade launcher 40×53mm Army, Marines Automatic grenade launcher that fires grenades at a cyclic rate of 325-375 rounds per minute, giving a practical rate of fire of 60 rounds per minute (rapid) and 40 rounds per minute (sustained). Usually vehicle mounted by Kuthern special forces units.
MB47 Venom Automatic grenade launcher 40×53mm Army, Marines, Navy, Coast Guard MB47 Venom Lightweight automatic grenade launcher (LWAGL) is 36% of the weight of the NK 45 SL, has a further range than the MB47 Venom and is fitted with Lightweight Video Sight (LVS2) sighting system. It will be issued to infantry battalions from late 2016 and to Special Operation Command units from early 2017.
M-42 Starlight anti-tank rocket launcher 66mm Marines, Navy, Army A single shot disposable anti-armour weapon
Arkwal 55 Recoilless rifle 84mm Marines, Navy, Army Primarily used in the anti-armour role.
Spear Anti-Tank Guided anti-armour missile 127mm Marines, Navy, Army
K2 LMS Mortar 81mm Marines, Army File:K2.JPG

Crewed Ground Platforms

Crewed Platforms
Name Type Caliber Branches Notes Picture
Armoured vehicles
KSLAV Eight-wheeled Armored Personnel Carrier 25 mm K242 Chain Gun & 7.62 mm KAG58 machine gun Marines, Army The Army operates 447 KSLAV vehicles, in a variety of roles including formation reconnaissance, as an infantry fighting vehicle, armoured ambulance or recovery vehicle
Python Armoured fighting vehicle various, depends on configuration Marines, Army Equipped with a 30 mm or 35 mm Kance two-person turret. Employing either of these ARVs will represent a quantum leap in both the offensive and defensive capabilities of the Kuthern Army's light armored forces. The final selection is set to be made in early 2018, with 425 units being acquired in the following combat configurations: Reconnaissance & Counter Reconnaissance (329), Command & Control (46), Joint Fire (Artillery Spotting) (28), Surveillance (37), Ambulance (45), Repair (40) and Recovery (30)
Couger 3K7 Main battle tank 1× 120 mm K55 smoothbore gun & 2× 7.62 mm KG3A1 Marines,Army
Couger 3 PSO Peacekeeping Main Battle Tank 1× 120 mm K55 smoothbore gun & 2× 7.62 mm KG3A1 Kuthern PKFU, Army Couger 3 PSO is equipped with more effective all-around protection, a secondary weapons station, improved reconnaissance ability, a bulldozer blade, a shorter gun barrel (for maneuvering on urban streets at the expense of fire range), non-lethal armament, close-range surveillance ability (through camera systems), a searchlight and further changes to improve its perseverance and mobility in a built-up non-wide open area
Couger 3K7+ Main Battle Tank 1× 120 mm K55 smoothbore gun & 2× 7.62 mm KG3A1 Marines, Army The Couger 3K7+ is designed to operate both in low intensity and high intensity conflicts. The tank's protection has been increased by modular armour; the frontal protection has been improved with a dual-kit on the turret and hull front, while 360° protection against RPGs and mine protection increase the survivability of the tank in urban operations. It can fire programmable HE munitions and the turret mounted KG3 has been replaced with a stabilized KLW 200 remotely controlled weapon station. The mobility, sustainability and situational awareness have also been improved.
K-117 Armored personnel carrier K2 .50 Marines, Army The Army now has 440 K117KS4 and 191 K117KS3 in service in seven variants. The vehicles are used in the armoured reconnaissance and armoured personnel carrier roles.
Utility, Reconnaissance and Support vehicles
ShrubMaster Infantry Mobility Vehicle Remote weapon station up to 12.7mm KMG or 40mm KGM launcher, or manned open turret up to 12.7mm KMG or 40mm KGM launcher Marines, Army The Army has ordered a total of 1,052 Shrubmaster Protected Mobility Vehicles to date, with deliveries commencing in mid-2005. Shrubmasters primarily equip the Motorised Infantry 14th Brigade, D Squadron, 6th/8th Cavalry Regiment also operate armoured vehicles in support of the 6th Brigade, 11th Combat Engineer Regiment, 12th Combat Engineer Regiment, and 6th Combat Engineer Regiment, as well as the heavy weapons and support elements of two mechanised battalions and three light infantry battalions.
Kuwaski Armoured car Gun ring for up to a heavy crew-served weapon Marines, Army The Army has ordered 1,100 Kuwaski Protected Mobility Vehicles. It is smaller and around half the weight of the Shrubmaster. It is able to be carried underslung by the CH-57F helicopter
KMMV Tactical military truck Marines,Army, Airforce, Coastguard, Navy
KCM-8 river boat and mechanized landing craft 2 × .50 caliber K2 Marines, Navy, Army 65 medium size coastal / inland waterway landing craft fitted with 2 x 12.7mm KMG to be in service until 2027
KARC-V Amphibious cargo vehicle Marines, Army 54 amphibious vehicles to be in service until 2027. Withdrawn from service in 1993 and reintroduced in 1998 after upgrade.
KV277 Howitzer 155 mm Marines, Navy, Army 125 155 mm KV277 were ordered as part of the first phase of the Land 17 project to replace the Army's inventory of towed artillery, with initial deliveries beginning in late 2010. An additional 20 guns were purchased in late 2012 instead of the self-propelled guns previously planned, bringing the total order to 145.
Kerul MLRS Multiple rocket launcher 140mm rockets Marines, Army
Air defence
MBN-47 Short-range Air Defense (SHORAD), Man-portable air-defence system (MANPADS) Marines, Army Sixty upgraded MBN-47 short range air defence weapon systems are currently divided between two Air Defence Batteries within the 36th Air Land Regiment. More sophisticated Kolide missiles have now been purchased
KASAMS Surface-to-air missile system 76mm Autocannon Army In April 2015 the Kuthern Government awarded Kaytheon a contract to produce an unspecified number of KASAMS systems for use with the Kuthern Army. The batteries, possibly mounted on Kawaski PMVs, will be used by the 36th Air Land Regiment.
KHADD Anti-ballistic missile system Army Kuthern High Altitude Area Defense (KHAAD), formerly Kuthern High Altitude Area Defense, is an Kuthern anti-ballistic missile defense system designed to shoot down short, medium, and intermediate range ballistic missiles in their terminal phase (descent or reentry) by intercepting with a hit-to-kill approach