Royal Atiland Airforce

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Royal Atiland Air Force
AllegianceAtiland Armed Forces
BranchRoyal Atiland Airforce
TypeAir Force
Size37,000 personal (460 Aircraft)
ColorsBlack, Blue, White
AnniversariesMay 30th
EngagementsWWII,Kuthern Civil War,Atiland Coup,Operation Goodlock,Lutop Takeover, AWII
Marshal Of The Royal AirforceJohn Berringtons
Air Chief MarshalBtufk Orion
Air MarshalIntduo Flushno
Aircraft flown
AttackA-4AR Fightinghawk,IA 58 Pucará A-29
EC-130H Compass Call EC-21A
Attack helicopterAH-1 Cobra
Multirole helicopterMD 500 Defender Mi-17
Utility helicopterS-76
TrainerT-34 Tucano IA-63 G 120TP
TransportC-130,F27 Friendship DHC-6 F28 Fellowship 757-200 737

The Royal Atiland Air Force (RAAF) is the aerial warfare force of Atiland and one of the four branches of the Atiland Armed Forces. Initially being components of the Army and the Navy, it was made a separate service in 1972 It main purpose is to serve as enforcer of Atiland airspace and to provide air support to Atlandian group troops on the battlefield..


Name Type Quantity Origin Photo Notes
A-9 Sting Ground attack fighter Atiland/South Hills
IAA 29 Liger Counter-insurgency aircraft Atiland
A-40 Listonia Attack and counter-insurgency aircraft Atiland
EC-21 Airborne early warning and control aircraft Atiland/South Hills
AF-22 Multirole fighter Nacata/Atiland File:F-22.JPG
EC-135 Electronic warfare (EW), Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses (SEAD), offensive counter-information Kuthernburg
KAS 300 Light multi-role military helicopter Subrovania File:KAS 300.JPG
Sil-18 Transport helicopter with armed assault capabilities Atiland
kAE 82 SAR/utility helicopter Atiland
AF-5 "Mustang" Interceptor, fighter-bomber South Hills
AT-42 Trainer aircraft Atiland
AT-40 Trainer aircraft, with small light attack capabilities Atiland
GAT-902 Trainer Atiland
C-190 Transport aircraft Kuthernburg
ATH-4 Utility aircraft Atiland
kAE 858AM Aerial refuelling and transport Kuthernburg
KC-135 Tanker (aircraft) / Transport, Overwatch / Ground support Kuthernburg