Atiland Armed Forces

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Atiland Armed Forces
Service branchesRoyal Atiland Navy
Atiland Army
Royal Atiland Airforce
HeadquartersAmberlay, Atiland
Commander-in-ChiefThe Goverment
Minister of DefenceHümbət Aljanov
Military age18 years of age
ConscriptionRequired by law.
Active personnel190,000
Reserve personnel47,000
Budget6.9 Billion
Percent of GDP2%

The Atiland Armed Forces, the military of Atiland, consists of three branches, namely the Atiland Army, the Royal Atiland Navy, and the Royal Atiland Air Force. Since January 4th 2018, General Hümbət Aljanov is the Chief of Atiland Armed Forces.