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People's Assembly

II Rahvakogu
Founded22 July 2016
Maria Korjus, SDE
since 22 December 2016
Deputy Speaker
Taaniel Valjas, PUP
since 15 April 2018
Katrin Viiding, SDE
since 22 December 2016
Leader of the Opposition
Eduard Levandi, RRP
since 29 December 2020
Seats200 People's Deputies
Structure of the Rahvakogu
Political groups
Government (113)
  •   Social Democratic (65)
  •   Popular Unity (21)
  •   United Labor (14)
  •   Green League (13)

Opposition (67)

  •   People's National (55)
  •   Democratic Dveria (12)

Nonaffiliated (20)

  •   Sentient Unity (20)
Length of term
Four years
Salary210,000 kuld
First election
16 November 2016
Last election
18 November 2020
Next election
20 November 2024

The Rahvakogu of the Republic of North Dveria (Dverian: Põhja-Dveriya Vabariik Rahvakogu), or simply the Rahvakogu is the unicameral parliament of North Dveria. The Rahvakogu constitutes the legislative branch of government in North Dveria, enacting laws and amendments to the Constitution, passing the budget, confirming the Prime Minister and the Government and controlling their activities.

Its 200 members are elected for a four-year term in a vote based on closed list proportional representation from 20 mutli-member constituencies with seats allocated according to the D'Hondt method. A party must receive at least 5% of the vote in a constituency to qualify for the proportional representation seats. Elections are scheduled to be held the third Wednesday of November every four years assuming no snap elections are held.



Electoral system


Latest election

Results of the election held on 16 November 2016:

Party Votes % Seats ±
Social Democratic Party (SDE) 4,539,450 33.29 66 New
People's National Party (RRP) 3,698,104 27.12 54 New
Popular Unity Party (PUP) 1,729,054 12.68 26 New
Sentient Unity Party (TUP) 1,120,885 8.22 16 New
Democratic Dveria (DL) 899,981 6.6 14 New
Green League (RL) 792,256 5.81 12 New
United Labor Party (UT) 782,713 5.74 12 New
National Popular Front (RRV) 28,635 0.21 0 New
Free Dverian Front (TDR) 17,726 0.13 0 New
Independent candidates 19,090 0.14 0 0
Invalid/blank votes 8,183
Total 13,636,077 100 200 -
Registered voters/turnout 17,672,469 77.16%
Source: North Dverian Electoral Commission

Current seat allocation

Speakers and prime ministers