Qurala Dynasty

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The Qurala Dynasty of Salovia (895-1214) established most of the current infrastructure, organization, and customs of Baykalia, Kostromastan, and Tuvaltastan. The Qurala Foundations, as they have recently been known as, are discussed more deeply below:[[1]].


Monarchs of the Qurala Dynasty

Queen Beatrice Quranolov, formerly of the Lewinsky House (895-995)

Queen Beatrice was the oldest born of 13 children, she and her two brothers being the only legitimate offspring of Rorik Lewinsky. She officially came to power at the age of 52, when her father Rorik Lewinsky was beheaded at the astounding age of 106. However, Beatrice had unofficially taken up the reins when she was 23, as her father had begun to show signs of dementia and Alzheimer's, which at the time was referred to as "incompetency." During this "Time of Incompetency," Beatrice had to juggle governing while also caring for her sickly father, who was not a popular individual, and had a multitude of assassination attempts while in the care of his daughter. Even though Beatrice had three brothers, all three of them were too lazy and pusillanimous to help Beatrice with their father. Regardless, the three brothers were beheaded alongside their father.

New King Ivan (995-1071)

Little is known about the adopted King's childhood before Queen Beatrice took him in. It is believed that he was born into the inland slums of the desert city of Port Quran, now abandoned after decades of drought hitting the old capital hard. Nonetheless, Ivan was found by Beatrice, in her own words, "strewn across the ground, clinging on to the last bit of life remaining in his soul." Had it not been for Beatrice, Ivan would most likely have died. From descriptions that the Queen made match many symptoms of a child with dangerously low blood sugar, it is believed that Ivan had extremely low blood sugar. At the time of being adopted, Ivan was already 16, which required Beatrice to hire many trainers to quickly teach Ivan how to be king after Beatrice would inevitably pass. After rigorous practice and training, Ivan was groomed and ready to take the reigns at the age of 37. As King, Ivan would continue his mother's legacy, adding on to what Beatrice had built. Ivan would have four children, the eldest being a pair of identical twins, who would take up the throne after Ivan's death together.

Twin Kings Wilvin and Ivolin (1071-1117)

Half-King Ivolin (1117-1138)

Remis the Great (1138-1190)

Ivan II (1190-1214)

Domestic Foundations


Throughout the entirety of the Qurala Dynasty was a road system unprecedented at the time. It stretched from what is now Tarov, to modern-day Shagonar and Port Barnaul.



Foreign Foundations