Prince Luwadeen

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His Imperial and Royal Highness
Prince Luwadeen Bedon
Prime Minister of Packilvania
In office
Appointed bySultan of Packilvania
MonarchNamdun III
Preceded byPrince Isakar
Personal details
  • Princess Ladika Bedon
  • Princess Thahalia Bedon
  • Princess Harima Bedon
  • Prince Wasan a-Luwadeen Bedon of Jaqe
  • Prince Ashal a-Luwadeen Bedon of Ekhotuz
  • Countess Rubal Mavad
  • Duchess Qasaila Juhal
  • Baroness Julia Harman
  • Prince Ulahid a-Luwadeen Bedon
  • Princess Fazeela a-Luwadeen Bedon
  • Princess Yana a-Luwadeen Bedon
  • Duchess Iba Humum
  • Baroness Ival Wusul
  • Countess Rashad Vaqtar
  • Prince Yewal a-Luwadeen Bedon
Alma materUniversity of Bingol

Prince Luwadeen is the Prime Minister of Packilvania. He has been in that position since the last major reshuffle of the Council of Ministers of Packilvania in 2010. Prior to this, he served as the Minister of Finance of Packilvania from 2005 to 2010. Prior to this he served as the Deputy Minister of Finance from 2000 to 2005. He has a PhD in Economics from the University of Bingol. He is the son of Prince Harim a-Amhoud Bedon, Sultan Amhoud II's younger brother, making him a first cousin of Sultan Namdun III. Prior to working in politics, he was a board member of the Packilvanian Development Bank, and a board member of the Packilvanian Agriculture Bank.