People's Air Force (Osterlicsh)

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People's Air Force
Circular roundel with black and white pineapple in centre with gold and black striped ring around outer.
People's Air Force Roundel
Founded21st June 1983 (21st June 1983)
Country Democratic Republic of Osterlicsh
TypeAir force
Part ofDepartment for Defence (Osterlicsh)
HeadquartersVLF Landenbruck
MottoHalten Sie unsere Luft osterlicsh!
("Keeping our air Osterlicshian!")
MarchFliege Flugzeugmann, Fliege!
("Fly Airman, Fly!")
LuftsgeneralSophie Buchardt
LuftsmarschallWolfram Kuhn
LuftsmarschallAdolar Frank
People's Air Force Ensign


History including battles, conflicts, formation, etc.

Former Federal Personnel

Following coup, what happened to the federal air force's personnel?



People's Air Force is split into operational groups dependent on the purpose of each group. Each group is commanded by a Luftsmarschall with a Luftsvizemarschall as their second in command.

  • Air Combat Group (I) - Consisting of aerial combat elements, such as fighter aircraft and ISTAR capabilities.
  • Air Support Group (II) - Provides operational support to other groups, including air-to-air refueling, logistical support, and force protection.
    • Hecker Wing
      • No. 201 Air Transport Squadron
      • No. 203 Air Transport Squadron
      • No. 210 Operational Support Squadron
      • No. 211 Transport Squadron
      • No. 227 Helicopter Transport Squadron
      • No. 250 Executive Transport Squadron
    • Fürst Wing
      • No. 200 Volksluftsprovost Battalion (People's Air Provost)
      • No. 298 Luftsregiment (Air Regiment)
      • No. 299 Luftsregiment (Air Regiment)
  • Operational Control Group (III) - Control of battlespace in the air, cyber, and space domains. Provides the ability to identify changes in the sphere of conflict and respond appropriately. Also includes liason between branches.
      • No. 300 Aerospace Battle Command
      • No. 301 Cyber Battle Command
      • No. 302 Astronautic Battle Command
      • No. 310 Liason Squadron
  • Training Group (IV) - Training and development opportunities for new and existing staff. Also houses a research facility for the advancement of technology and practices.
    • No. 400 Flight Training Squadron
    • No. 403 Heavy Training Squadron
    • No. 412 Helicopter Training Squadron
    • No. 416 Maritime Training Squadron
    • No. 444 Jet Training Squadron
  • Service Support Group (V) - Contains logistic, mechanical, and engineering specialist staff for application to all groups. Staff often rotate posts annually.
    • Engineering Wing
      • No. 500 Engineer Squadron
      • No. 501 Engineer Squadron
      • No. 502 Engineer Squadron
      • No. 504 Engineer Squadron
      • No. 509 Engineer Squadron
    • Logistics Wing
      • No. 551 Logistics Squadron
      • No. 558 Logistics Squadron
      • No. 560 Logistics Squadron
      • No. 566 Logistics Squadron



Officers within the People's Air Force act as managers and commanders. Junior officer ranks are split into flug (pilots) and luft (engineers and support). Though each branch is provided with command and control training. As of 1st June 2020, all content taught to all officers is in line with the directives of the Urthian Worker's Internationale. In addition, officers serving on and after this date are said to be receiving retrospective training.

Equivalent Code This Code Will Be Developed Soon ? ? ?

Air Force
Democratic Republic of Osterlicsh
Luftsgeneral Luftsmarschall Luftsvizemarschall Luftsoberkommodore Luftskommodore Luftshauptmann Obersflugleutnant Obersluftleutnant Flugleutnant Luftleutnant Unterflugleutnant Unterluftleutnant

Student Officers

Student Officers, of whom are not assigned a commanding post until their final year, attend an intense academic and practical training process. Content taught covers everything from military history, to tactical maneuvers, to signalling and survival. Students in their fourth and fifth year are offered junior command posts at specific deployments, but are not mandatory.

Offiziersschüler (equivcode)
Training Year 6th 5th 4th 3rd 2nd 1st

Air Force
Democratic Republic of Osterlicsh
Flugoffiziersanwärter and Offiziersanwärter

Warrant Officers

Warrant Officers, while not directly officers, receive a warrant from the Department for Defence. Becoming a Warrant Officer is based on a selection of outstanding non-commissioned officers to undergo additional command and control training. Warrant Officers often provide a critical practical advisor role to officers.

Qualification Level Fähnrich Fähnrichschüler
Equivalent Code Code Code Code Code Code Code Code

Air Force
Democratic Republic of Osterlicsh
Stabsoberfähnrich Stabsfähnrich Oberfähnrich Fähnrich 3rd Year 2nd Year 1st Year

Non-Commissioned Officers & Enlisted

Non-commissioned officers (NCOs) provide the ground-level command of their subordinates. This often includes the regimenting of a day, the reinforcement of training and discipline, but also includes combat and support operations. Enlisted-ranked People's Air Force personnel form a majority of the numbers of the military branch and generally speaking have no specific command responsibilities.

Equivalent Code This Code Will Be Developed Soon ? ?

Air Force
Democratic Republic of Osterlicsh
Stabsfeldwebel Oberfeldwebel Feldwebel Unterfeldwebel Unteroffizier Stabsgefreiter Gefreiter Flugzeugmann