Department for Defence (Osterlicsh)

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Department for Defence
Silver cockade featuring wreath of grain with pineapple in centre.
Department Cockade
Founded21st June 1983
Service branches
Chairman of StateDennis Vogel
Minister for DefenceLara Osswald
Chairman of DefenceMarschall of DRO Joseph Kroeger
Military age17

The Osterlicsh Department for Defence (DfD) is a parent organisation for the military branches of the Democratic Republic of Osterlicsh. The organisation in itself is not composed of any operational military units, and consists of administrative offices and the Defence Provost. On the 21st June 1983, the Department for Defence succeeded the Federal Defence Service (Osterlicsh). Through reform, lead by Marschall of DRO Joseph Kroeger, the previously top-heavy approach to organisation was transformed into a branch-lead system. This alleviated pressure on the core organisation and distributed individual decision making to the various branches.


Federal Defence Service (19??-1983)

Involvement in Coup d'Etat (1983)

Reformation of Military Administration


Service Branches

Internal Branches

  • Division for Acquisitions
    • All purchases made by branches of the Department for Defence are routed through the Division for Acquisitions, who review the purchase and paperwork. This division approves or rejects requests. For successful applications, requests are passed onto the Division for Finance to process the transaction.
  • Division for Finance
    • Financial transactions are passed through the Division for Finance for processing and record-keeping. No decision making takes place in this department, it is purely administrative.
  • Division for Human Resources
  • Division for Recruitment, Conscription & Training
  • Division for Officer & Warrant Officer School
  • Division for Logistical Operations