New Order (party)

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Nagatoian Socialists Workers’ Party

Nagatoian Shakai Shugi-sha Rōdōshatō
LeaderLyn Kelly-Kazumi
FounderRobert Kelly
FoundedSeptember 19, 1941 (1941-09-19)
Merger ofSocial Democratic Party of Nagato
Workers' Rights Party of Nagato
HeadquartersNagatoian Socialist Workers' Headquarters
428 West 28th Ave, Castella, Langley, Nagato 1107B
NewspaperNew Order Times
Student wingNew Order Students
Youth wingNew Order Youth
Women's wingNew Order Womens
Membership (2020)81,200
IdeologyNagatoian Nationalism
Political positionFar-right
Colors  Grey   Purple
SloganA chance at a new start
AnthemRivers in the Desert
Seats in the National Council
16 / 340

The New Order, officially the Nagatoian Socialists Workers' Party (Gensi Hepburn: Nagatoian Shakai Shugi-sha Rōdōshatō, Gensi Gigu: ナガトイアン社会主義者労働者'パーティ), and abbreviated as the NSWP, is the fourth most predominant political party in Nagato, as of 2020. The party is generally considered to sit on the far-right of the political spectrum, and to be ideologically nationalistic. The party currently has 16 Members of the National Council.