Mount Magnik'ip'iro

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Mount Magnik'ip'iro
Aerial view of Mount Magnik'ip'iro, with Ts'minda Auzi in the center
Highest point
Elevation6,891 m (22,608 ft)
Native name[მაგნიკიპირო
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The location of Mount Magnik'ip'iro in Tuvaltastan
Type of rockMetamorphic, sedimentary
Wikipedia:Normal routeRoad to Mortagra (გზა მორტაგრა)
AccessMostly Public; Sacred Location to Verk'ohists

Mount Magnik'ip'iro is a dormant stratovolcano located in Tuvaltastan. It is the largest stratovolcano on the continent of Aurora, and one of the largest mountains in the world. Located on the southern end of the Mouth of Mortagra, the volcano is a sacred site to many Verk'ohists, who believe the mountain was where Mortagra, the messenger of Ver and K'oh, left Urth after arriving at what is now Cape Morta in Tivot. It has an elevation of 6,891 meters ( feet) as of 2020, and is home to the lake Ts'minda Auzi, one of the highest natural lakes in the world.

As a sacred site and as one of the tallest mountains in the world, the volcano attracts thousands of tourists yearly, many of which seeking to climb the K’ibis Gza, or Stair Road in Codexian/Staynish. Being the alleged place of Mortagra's departure, many adherants to Verk'ohism make a regular pilgrimage to the mountain, placing offerings at the base of the K'ibis Gza.

The first records of the mountain are found in the Ts'igna'reli and Ts'ignabi'neli, the holy books of Verkohism. In the books, Magnik'ip'iro has two distinct descriptions:

The mountain so pierced Q'vela that Mortagra said, "Upon the end of my message, I will depart on the highest of peaks, and will leave with you a gift that shall test your faith; So I have spoken by Ver and K'oh."

— "Shet’q’obineba; Chamosvla", Ts'igna'reli (date)

Mortagra, with its message passed onto those of Uzenaesi'qaro, leaped onto the mountain of holies as it foretold, and the ground shook with it, spewing rock across the land and both a great darkness and a great light rose into sahaero. Left in its place was a great footprint, and in it a pool of water whose cleanliness so unmatched could heal the incurable and settle the minds unsettled.

— "Shet’q’obineba; Gamgzavreba", Ts'ignabi'neli (date)

Upon analysis of the latter quote, many historians allege the fabled departure of Mortagra is a description of the first volcanic eruption of Mount Magnik'ip'iro, and describes the mountain cap being blown off.

The mountain has for the better part of recorded history been mentioned as a place of meditation and pilgrimage by many ancient historians, with mention of a number of prominent figures throughout history, including King Ivan the Great, who devoted much of his life towards the teachings of Verk'ohism and the Zycalerian Myths.