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Downtown Matthews

Matthews is the largest city of South Hills and among the largest of Urth, at a staggering 18.2 million population in the Matthews Metropolitan Area, which takes up the entire island of Matthew (the southernmost and largest of the Ellis Islands). Matthews was originally founded by Codexian settlers in the late 1600's, being a important trading port in the area. South Hills took control of the island chain following the Treaty of Vilines in 1737, ending the Revolutionary War of South Hills. Since then, the island became a 'beacon of freedom' to people across Yasteria, being the main port to reaching South Hills.

As such, the island is the most densly populated island on the planet, at a population density of over 20,000 people per km2. Much of the metropolitan area is divided into 'blocks', massive apartment complexes. The island is policed by the Matthews Metropolitan Police Department, at over 50,000 strong, the largest police force in South Hills.


Because of its strategic and cultural location, the island has a large diversity of races and species.






Residential Blocks

Metropolitan Area