Luigi Pfefferhausen

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Luigi Pfefferhausen
A picture of Luigi Pfefferhausen standing in a train station.
Pfefferhausen, photographed in his time as an officer of the City of Asilica Transit Police.
Born (1990-10-10) 10 October 1990 (age 33)
Asilica, Asilica
OccupationInternational Forum Security Guard
Years active2018-Present
RelativesMario Pfefferhausen
Waluigi Pfefferhausen

Luigi Pfefferhausen (born October 10th, 1990) is a security guard employed by the International Forum. Prior to this, he served as an officer of the transit police in Asilica, the capital city of Asilica.

Mr. Pfefferhausen gained some notoriety in the year 2017 when a photograph of him went viral on the website Pigeon, largely because he was considered to be particularly attractive. Phrases such as "hot cop" and "sexy police officer" trended on the site in various languages. At the time, Mr. Pfefferhausen stated that he was "very flattered, but focused on just doing my job." He left the force the next year. City of Asilica Transit Police records indicate his reason for separation was "voluntary resignation" and, in an exit interview, Pfefferhausen cited the excess attention caused by his viral fame as one reason why he chose to leave.

In 2021, Pfefferhausen was involved in an altercation in the Ambassador's Lounge of the International Forum headquarters, a non-public area with a cafeteria and full-service bar for ambassadors and staff. Pfefferhausen and 4 colleagues were recorded on video responding to a tense exchange involving the ambassadors from Blueacia, Norgsveldet, Meremaa, and others. The altercation ended with the Blueacian ambassador being voluntarily escorted out of the room.