Liyessi Magnet School

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Liyessi Magnet School

Located on the far outskirts of Ye'leli, Liyessi Magnet School is a high school used for advanced learning from across the realm of TEP. High school students from all around have applied to this new school, which has been compared to the likes of "a well-run Vekaiyun school with a twist."

Students are selected on a basis of test scores, interviews, athletics, and a plethora of other areas of learning, from the arts to to complex mathematical theories. From this grueling process, the students selected are given passport to Listonia and are housed in dorms directly connected to the high school for security purposes. Other areas of the school, such as an indoor greenhouse, a fully-functional olympic pool, a movie theater, and an outdoor hiking area, are present as well. Cost is not an issue - Listonia tends to charge the nation, not the student, for their services.

The school itself is enrolled with 2,750 students, with an average of 15.1 students per teacher ratio.

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