Lake Nilovi

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Lake Nilovi
Coordinates37°0′0″S 127°0′0″E / 37.00000°S 127.00000°E / -37.00000; 127.00000
Surface area7,343.57 km2 (2,835.37 sq mi)
Average depth22 m (72 ft)
Max. depth91 m (299 ft)
Water volume668,264.87 km3 (160,325.27 cu mi)
Shore lengthUnknown
IslandsDats’q’evlili Island
SettlementsFrom north to south: Akhalibisi, Kuli, Oluvi, Alinovi, Samkhalibisi

Lake Nilovi is a glacial remnant lake located within southeastern Aurora. It is entirely surrounded by the nations Tuvaltastan and Nilovia. At a total area of 7,343.57 sq km, it is the second-largest lake on Aurora after Lake Lamberta. The lake has the Tuvalt capital of Akhalibisi along its coast, as well as the large Nilovian city of Samkhalibisi, with an approximate total population of 8.7 million in the Lake Nilovi area. It is the second largest population grouping in Tuvaltastan, second to the ShaChiKa Area.