Assassination of Remis Posol

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Assassination of Remis Posol
Hawker 4000 (9357283224).jpg
A Pakl'oni 1500, similar to the aircraft shot down
Date26 September 2021
SummaryShot down by a B-58 SAM at the Bakyalian border with Caltharus
SiteOrivank'adi District, near the Baykalian-Morstaybishlian border, Baykalia
Aircraft typePakl'oni 1500
OperatorPrivate (Posol Industries)
Flight originChita, Baykalia
DestinationSani Bursil, Staynes, MBE

The Assassination of Remis Posol, also the 2021 Baykalia shootdown was a major incident on 26 September 2021, in which Baykalian High Command ordered and shot down a corporate passenger jet, killing CEO of Posol Industries Remis Posol, four of his guard compliment and five crew members.

A B-58 SAM turret launched missiles six miles from the border with Caltharus, MBE, which made impact less than a minute later. The plane was struck in Baykalian airspace at 41,000ft, and debris from the plane scattered across the Caltharusian countryside over a 11 mile radius, injuring at least one person and damaging farmsteads and other minor infrastructure.

The attack was instigated because, according to Riannar Karmer, Remis Posol was arriving in Sani Bursil to share state secrets after Operation Wraith, a successful Morstaybishlian cyber attack into a classified Baykalian network. Following the attack, Baykalian High Command failed to communicate for over 24 hours, leading to Morstaybishlia amassing an armed forces contingent of over 40,000 troops. According to a wide array of sources, this incident was the closest Aurora had come to a large scale conflict since the Auroran-Pacific War.