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Socialist Republic of Lactoska

Socialíst Republic of Lactóska
Lactoska Emblem
"For de greter gud" (French)
"For the greater good"
"Glorióus de Lactóska (French)"
Glorious Lactoska a
Largest cityMolonac
Official languages
Ethnic groups
GovernmentSocialist Republic
Tony Foclasto
LegislatureNational Assembly
Independence from Salovia and Morstaybishlia
• Declared Independent
20 July 1850
• Officialy Independent
15 October 1858
• Total
126,268.3 km2 (48,752.5 sq mi)
• July 2021 estimate
GDP (PPP)2021 estimate
• Total
500 billions Gold
• Per capita
4901.960 Gold
Gini (2021)Steady 0.2
SDI (2021)Increase 0.925
very high
CurrencyGold (Ğ)
Time zoneUTC+9
• Summer (DST)
UTC+9 (not observed)
Driving sideright
Calling code+357

Lactoska, officially known as The Socialist Republic of Lactoska, (LSA) is a socialist state which is made from slaves from around the world since 1850. It is located on the southeast Yasteria, bordering with no other nation and having a maritime border to the Great Mostaybishlia.

Lactoska is a socialist republic with a National Assembly (NA) of Lactoska. The current prime minister is Tony Foclasto, who had in charge since 2000. The capital city of Woodston is a megacity with 10 million people, the largest city is Molonac with 12.5 million.

In the 1850s, the slave from all around the world had united in this little land, which later lost to the Pro-slavery countries, which later defeated, since then, the Lactoskan had isolated themselves from the world until 2020.

Lactoska is a very developed nation and is spending 10% of the economy every year on the military budget. It is highly ranked in the support of civil rights, income equality and education.

Lactoska is a mid-temperate nation with mostly rain forest and the other is plain. Lactoska has high-income equality and had many income sources, the largest are agriculture, manufacturing, nuclear energy and technology. The others are wind energy, hydro energy.

It uses the Gold (Ğ) as its currency


The war for Independent

The first Salovia, Morstaybishlia - Lactoska War

1851: Salovia and Morstaybishlia had wage war on the Lactoska, at the start of the war Lactoska has been pushed on both fronts the north had been pushed to Molonac, south to Lumberkón.

1852: People in Lactoska are suffering, the war is impossible to win. Many citizens had escaped to other nations and so is Molac Kenshinton. He decided to have a trip around the world with his only friend Lola, a Golden Retriever dog to understand the technology around the world, and finding a way for Lactoska to be independent once again

1857: The Lactoskan surrender and become obliterated. People in Lactoska had been arrested. All of them will be executed on the 10th of October 1858.

The aftermath of the first Salovia, Morstaybishlia - Lactoska War

1st of September 1858: Molac Kenshinton decided to make the Communist party of Lactoska, with the party member of 150. They decided to make a plan...

1st of October 1858: the plan had been launched, 100 people will start freeing the slave in prison. The other will start to take back the former Lactoska land, and prepare for what next.

10th of October 1858: the plan succeeded the prisoner has fled back to Lactoska. The other part still has some problems. Its bacause many part of the old Lactoska land is still in contest.

The second Salovia, Morstaybishlia - Lactoska War

15th of October 1858: the Lactoskan had gone to war with the Salovia and Morstaybishlia back, due to the new technology they use, they were just rookies so for the first half of the war they are still losing.

1859: multiple newspapers had been given to the people to increase their determination, since then, multiple victories throughout the country had been recorded: the siege of Molonac(16/2), the victory of Lumberkón(20/2), the battle of The Trois(30/3), the battle of Port Winston(1/4), the siege of Fungosion(1/5)...

1860:Salovia had started looking for peace, so is the Morst. The Lactoska victory.

The treaty of Woodston:

Article 1:The countries that have wage war on Lactoska must not go to war with the nation for 170 years.

Article 2:All of them must accept Lactoska as a nation.

Article 3:They could temporally have Wacsho island.

Signed: The Socialist Republic of Lactoska, The Morstaybishlian Empire and The Grand Republic of Salovia.


It had been 40 years since the Independent of the nation, and now the whole country is in deep problem with the use of drugs in the country. The nation had decided to go a full-on war with cocaine and other addictive substances. Which had made Lactoska almost become an anarchy nation.


1. Although it's called a socialist republic, only the government is communist, the economy is based on capitalism.

2. The reason why Lactoska hasn't got a 1 HDI is because of the large amount of stealing.

3. The nation has its own sport for stealing.

4. Capture the flag is taught at school to help students better at strategy.

5. The nation uses the GDP every year like this:

-10% used on defense force.

-5% on fixing buildings.

-10% for others.

-25% for citizen problems.

-50% is the GDP per year Lactoska had left.

6. Most of the nation's GDP is from taxes.

7. Lactoska taxes the rich twice as the poor.

8. Lactoska is one of the least affected country from the Great Depression because it had never traded with the outside world.

9. Lactoska is a war-love country yet only had 4 war across it history.

10.1 (Ğ)=1 SHD (South Hill Dolars).

11. The nation is now planning to expand into the north, south and outer islands.

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