The first Salovia, Morstaybishlia - Lactoska War

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The first Salovia, Morstaybishlia - Lactoska War


Just 1 year after the creation of Lactoska, Salovia and Morstaybishlia had wage war on the Lactoska, and until 3rd of July Lactoska has been pushed on both fronts the north had been pushed to Molonac, south to Lumberkón.


People in Lactoska are suffering, the war is impossible to win. Many citizens had escaped to other nations and so is Molac Kenshinton. He decided to have a trip around the world with his only friend Lola, a Golden Retriever dog to understand the technology around the world, and finding a way for Lactoska to be independent once again


The Lactoskan surrender and become obliterated. People in Lactoska had been arrested. All of them will be executed on the 10th of October 1858.