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The Sheikhdom of Kazhimistan

Flag of Kazhimistan
Motto: Of Toil and Tears
and largest city
Kazhim City
Official languagesKazhimi
Ethnic groups
Cult of Kazhim
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
• Sheik of Kazhimistan
Yosef Sheikh Kazhim
LegislatureCourt of Soul
• Settlement by Kazhim al Kazhim
0 KCE/1163 AD
• 2020 estimate
GDP (nominal)$925 Million estimate
• Per capita
CurrencyKazhim Dinar
Calling code+208
Internet TLD.kzh

The Sheikdom of Kazhimistan is a country located in the interior of Gondwana. It is a landlocked nation with no direct borders with any other nation. Nearby nations include Iassath and Chibilaba. It is predominately covered in rainforest with a large urban center in Kazhim City, the capital. Kazhimistan borders the Lake Kazhim in the east.

Kazhimistan is largely dominated by ethnic Kazhims, who are entirely human. Other sapients may inhabit Kazhimistan, but they are expressly forbidden from inhabiting Kazhim City.

Kazhimistan was founded in 1163 AD, or 0 KCE; which stands for Kazhim Common Era. It was initially settled by Kazhim al Kazhim who would go on to be the first Sheikh of Kazhimistan.

Kazhim history was largely undocumented, most knowledge of the early years of Kazhimistan is held in the nation's oral tradition: myths, folklore, and the like. At some point, a descendent of Kazhim al Kazhim would tell stories of their previous lives, which would go on to be compiled into text by a member of the royal court. The text has gone under many names, most recently it has been known as "The Journals of al Kazhim." It is the foundational text of the Cult of Kazhim. The Cult of Kazhim is the nation's official religion, and the only one allowed to be practiced in Kazhim City.