Jakob Irons

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Jakob Irons
File:Jakob Irons.jpg
Name Jakob Irons Jr.
Residence Aurus, Caltharus, Great Morstaybishlia
Citizenship Morstaybishlian
Occupation Businessman, investor, entrepreneur
Known for CEO, president and chairman of Ferrus Industries
Net worth Increase ♅1.2 billion (January 2019)
Born (1963-02-06)6 February 1963
Spouse(s) Chantelle Umpher (m. 1998)
Children 2

Jakob Irons Jr is a billionaire businessman investor and entrepreneur. He worked under his father in Ferrus Industries from the age of 20 until his fathers death in 2003. He is president, CEO and chairman of Ferrus Industries. He is ranked the richest man to come from Aurus and in the top 30 richest men to come from Caltharus.