International Socialist Solidarity Organization (2022)

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International Socialist Solidarity Organization
The interim flag of the ISSO.
Administrative SecretariatLanozza, Quariin
TypeIntergovernmental organization
State Signatories13
2 Observers
• General Secretary
John Q. Comrade
• Chairperson of the Presidium of States
V.I. Lenin
• First ISSO formed
10 October 1980
• Treaty of Lanozza signed
25 April 2022

The second International Socialist Solidarity Organization (ISSO), sometimes also called the Third International, is an international organization dedicated to advancing the political and economic causes of Socialism and Communism. Both sovereign states and individual political parties can join the organization as a member or observer. The organization came into being with the 25 April 2022 signing of the Treaty of Lanozza in Lanozza, the capital city of Quariin, to replace its predecessor organization of the same name. The organization is using an interim flag and symbols until final agreements are made among the state signatories.

The official legislative body of the ISSO is the International General Congress of Workers, a general session of delegates to be elected by member-states and held at least once every three years. In between general sessions, the Presidium of States manages the work of the ISSO. Each member and observer has one seat on the Presidium, and the title of Chairperson rotates among them every six months according to an established pattern.