Foreign Relations of South Hills

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The South Hills Council of Governments maintains normal relations with many nations on Urth, but maintains tighter ties with several nations and is a Kerilo Accord member nation.

Allied Nations

South Hills retains allied - superbly friendly - status with only three current nations.

South Hills-Vekaiyu Relations

South Hills retains perhaps the strongest relations with the majority Vulpine nation of Vekaiyu. This relation stems from a large amount of ethnically Vekaiyun vulpines settling in what today are the states of Rostraver, New Croatia, and Buena Vista. The relationship was strengthened out of neccessity during the rise of the Pax Caliphate and reached a peak of cooperation during the 2014 Dverian War and the Kerilo Accords

South Hills-Laiatan Relations

South Hills retains strong relations with Laiatan, and both nations are parties to the Kerilo Accords.

South Hills-Bachtendekuppen Relations

South Hills retains favorably strong relations with Bachtendekuppen, both nations having fought against the Prussian Empire in the District 58 conflict of 2013.

Favorable Nations

South Hills defines any nation in 'favorable' relations with itself as having formal diplomatic ties (embassies) and no negative relations.

  • Mexregiona
  • Free Pacific States
  • Lyon
  • Altae Isles
  • Emberwood Coast
  • Great Morstaybishlia