Ethalrian Communist Unity Party

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Ethalrian Communist Unity Party

Kommunistische Einheitspartei Ethalria
Party ChairmanLenski Sarinn
Deputy ChairmanKoeman Ifirate
FounderLenski Sarinn
Founded7 March 2019
Preceded byNone
HeadquartersRorikton, Thalria
Political positionFar-left
International affiliationNone

The Ethalrian Communist-Unity Party (Kommunistische Einheitspartei Ethalria; KEPE, formerly the Ethalrian Front) is a far-left political entity that is the ruling party in Thalria. Lenski Sarinn conducted a coup d'etat on the Ameliadotter Administration in September 2019. Before which it was a minor political party with no elected representatives to the Thalrian Parliament but earned a massive boost of supporters following the joint Ethaln intervention in Kostoria-Obertonia.