Eternium Isle

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Eternium Isle
Native name:
Bird's Eye View of Alirus Isle and the Aderin Tribe Settlement
Location of Eternium Isle in the Morst Sea
Green: Eternium Isle; Light Green: Tivot
LocationMorstaybishlian Sea
Adjacent bodies of waterDovian Sea
Morstaybishlian Sea
Tivot Outlying PreservesEternium Isle
Population713 (2020)
Ethnic groups100% Aderini

Eternium Isle, known in Salovian as Saderivelo, is a Tivotian island under administration of the Tivot Outlying Preserves through the Nature Preservation Acts of 1834. Host to the Aderin Tribe, it is the only Preservation that has a permanent sentient population. The center of its own political dilemma in the 1830's due to the Expulsion Act, political pressure was put on the Salovian government to designate the Aderin Tribe as an essential part of the island's ecosystem, as the tribe had been inhabitants of Eternium since before Salovian census records. As such, the Native Aderin of Eternium Act was passed into law, exempting the tribe from the Expulsion Act.