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The Enderloop Company Group (EDL) is Endertopias' national state-owned railway company. Founded in 1933, it operates the vast majority of the country's rail traffic, including the high-speed service SLN. Enderloop also operates freight traffic through its subsidiaries Enderhauler, and maintains the national railway network. The Endertopian railway network has approximately 26,000 km of track, of which 1,800 km are high speed lines and 22,000 km electrified.


In 1933, the government unified and nationalized 3 rail operators of the time and form the Endertopian Railway. Various subsidiaries were formed in the following years. In 1966, it was renamed to Enderloop Company and the government released 49% of its share to the public sector. As of now, the federal government owns roughly 72% of the company.

Railroad operation

Enderloop accounts for 92% of all Endertopian rail traffic. There are 15 lines in total, including one high speed line. The Enderloop network is built in the standard gauge, with the exception of the Josen Mountain Line, which is in the narrow gauge.

North-South running lines
No. Gauge Line Length(km) North terminus South terminus Transfers
3a 1,435mm West Highlands 900 Starynwale Watsonville 4
3b Mid Highlands 450 Northfield Junction Boris Junction 0
3c East Highlands 700 Madelina Portine 1
7 Watsonia Belt 1,150 Delphinia Watsonville 4
11 Tenshi Gulf (South) 1,100 Bayview Madelina 2
17 Flameflower 3,800 Eyjafyalland Exusia 3
23 Flameflower East 850 Verdetia Yavaria 2
25 Nortilus 1,200 Haitia/Centown Eyjafyalland 0
27 1,067mm Josen Mountain 1,150 Josen Maberg/Castravia 0
31 1,435mm Norsian Coast 1,200 Madelina Portine 2
Latest route map of Enderloop.
East-west running lines
No. Gauge Line Length(km) East terminus West terminus Transfers
2a 1435mm Orion (North) 700 Marshy Heathen 1
2b Orion (South) 1,700 Starynwale Ifriti 4
8 Southern Main 2,200 Maberg Portine 3
12 Eyjaka 1,500 Eyjafyalland Bayview/Csiska Junction 3
22 Southern Connection 1,650 Castravia Minty 1
30 Tenshi Gulf (North) 1,750 Csiska Junction Eastlairie/Gorcidon 0
32 Northern Connection 1,400 Tynecester Jayson 1
H1 High Speed 1 950 Starynwale Watsonville 0
H2 High Speed 2 850 Delphinia 0

Trains & services

Enderloop operates trains 24 hours a day. Since 2010, Enderloop has also operated overnight sleeper services. The sleepers run every week and there are three services available.

The Mountaineer

The Mountaineer is Enderloop's first overnight service, opened in 2010. It traverses the three main mountain ranges of the country and terminates in the northernmost station Haitia/Seastar Lagoon. The Mountaineer departs from Exusia every Friday at 02:45 a.m. It runs 5,000 km in 36 and a half hours.

The Mountaineer - northbound (main stops)
Stop no. Station Time
1 Exusia 02:45 Fri.
3 Maberg 08:02
5 Castravia 11:32
7 Ifriti 14:55
9 Flameflower Pass 01:00 Sat.
10 Eyjafyalland 02:30
13 Santisnow 08:18
15 Nortilus 12:40
16 (T) Haitia/Seastar Lagoon 15:25

The Tristar

The Tristate entered into service in 2011. It connects the capital of the three constituencies of Endertopias. The Tristar departs from Starynwale every Sunday at 1 a.m. It covers roughly 3,900 km in 31 hours and 20 minutes.

The Tristar - westbound (main stops)
Stop no. Station Time
1 Starynwale 01:00 Sun.
2 Westend 01:20
4 Marshy 04:36
5 Cloveraffe 06:50
8 Ifriti 10:55
10 Flameflower Pass 20:55
11 Eyjafyalland 22:00
14 Santisnow 03:45 Mon.
16 (T) Nortilus 08:20

The Ascent

The Ascent is the latest service, opened in 2016. It is the only east-west service of the three, running along the southern border of the Northern Counties. It is intended to be a sunrise train, arriving at its (eastbound) destination at 4 a.m. The Ascent departs Eyjafyalland every Thursday at 9 p.m. It covers 3,250 km in 30 hours and is the only Enderloop service to cross two midnights and spanning three days.

The Ascent - eastbound (main stops)
Stop no. Station Time
1 Eyjafyalland 21:15 Thu.
3 Verdetia 01:43 Fri.
5 Delphinia 06:00
7 Csiska Junction 08:05
8 Kafkaland 10:38
10 Amina 17:05
12 Tenshily 23:55
13 (T) Eastlairie 03:48 Sat.

Ongoing projects

The third high speed line connecting the current line from Magnaria Junction to Cloveraffe is under construction. There is also the Tenshi Strait Bridge which is due to connect the two halves of the Tenshi Gulf Line, it is to be completed in 2022.