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Morstaybishlian Overseas Territory of Buzela

Flag of Buzela
Motto: Love Buzela
and largest city
Tega Tome
Official languagesStaynish
Ethnic groups
99.7% Human
0.3% other
• Monarch
Lambertus VII
Emmanuel Tollot
Vrishna Laines
• Total
4,050 km2 (1,560 sq mi)
• 2017 estimate
• 2013 census
• Density
77.8/km2 (201.5/sq mi)
CurrencyKirib ()
Date formatDD/MM/YYYY
Driving sidethe left

Buzela is a Morstaybishlian Overseas Territory located in the lower Concordian Ocean. It consists of one large island and three minor islands with a residency of 315,200, primarily in the city Tega Tome, which acts as its capital, serving as one of only six built up areas and the only city. It serves as the location of a Morstaybishlian naval base and houses nuclear weapons. Buzela has a maritime border with Bolize (MBE) to the west.

Buzela was named after late Calth-era explorer Hamish Buzel as Buzel Island in 1675. It remained quiet and only inhabited by several merchants at any one time. The island was used primarily as a mid way island to Joralesia until the early 18th century as tensions in Joralesia rose. In the early 1720s a naval halfway point was established to better the Morstaybishlian position during wartime. Since the 1720s the island has seen a steady increase in population and as of 2013 the population stands at 315,200.

In 1891, Rosamund II had the island renamed Buzela to appear more feminine.

A few rocky islets west of Buzela which were previously unexplored were found in 1977 to have several dozen breeding pairs of puffins and a similar amount of razorbills. Since then the island has seen an increase of tourists from Joralesia and surrounding Gondwanan countries.