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Nuova Aspiria Settlement

Flag of Nuova Aspiria
Map of Nuova Aspiria
Official languagesFortunan
Ethnic groups
Human 97.35%
Elf 2.65%
GovernmentAutonomous self-governing colony
• Chair of the RFEC
Laura Surya
• Governor of Nuova Aspiria
Benjamin Sneiders
• RFEC formed
11 April 2013
• First manned launch
7 July 2018
• First settlement established
23 May 2019
• Total
69,588 km2 (26,868 sq mi)
• 2021 estimate
• Density
102/km2 (264.2/sq mi)
Calling codeNAS

Nuova Aspiria is a small state in Rotantica's Alpha Sector and was founded by the two member-states of the Rosalica-Fortuna Expeditionary Committee (RFEC); the Margravate of Rosalica and the Second Fortunan Empire. When both nations became aware of the true nature of Urth, Rosalican representatives reached out to Fortuna to discuss a collaboration between the two to explore the lands beyond the ice walls. The first launches to reach Rotantica began in 2018, followed by the successful establishment of a settlement in 2019 with the landing of the Monado V. Founded within the eastern section of the Cluster-Serenitech Security Perimeter, Nuova Aspiria grew further as more funding and resources were put into RFEC and their endeavors. By the time of the public leak by Cluster in 2020, there are currently 680 personnel settled within the borders of Nuova Aspiria.

Due to the vast distance between Nuova Aspiria and Aequatoria, Fortuna and Rosalica has allowed for the settlement to be self-governing with oversight from the RFEC. The most influential factions of the RFEC include Rosalica, Fortuna, Terine Industries, the Fortunan Science and Engineering Department (FSED), the Rosalican Institute of Science (RIS), and various smaller sponsors. Serving as the governing body is the Settlers of Nuova Aspiria, a semi-recognized organization formed by settlers that wish to unaffiliate themselves with the governments of Rosalica and Fortuna with the goal to one day be fully self-governing. The main hub of Nuova Aspiria is Monado, a settlement that was built around the landing sight of Monado V and is commonly recognized as the capital of Nuova Aspiria. Recently in 2020, the exploration camp of Talbo was established by the FSED and the RIS outside of the Cluster-Serenitech Security Perimeter. Friendly relations are held with Cluster-Serenitech in exchange for security, along with the neighboring state of Sevopasenos.


Rosalica-Fortuna Expeditionary Committee

Overseeing the Rotantican operation is the Rosalica-Fortuna Expeditionary Committee. Founded in April 11th, 2013, the coalition was formed between the Rosalican and Fortunan government to promote collaboration between the two states in traversing over the ice walls and establishing foothold in Rotantica. Building off of Fortuna's existing rocket technology, both nations quietly worked on further developing more advanced spacecraft with higher carrying capacities and landing capabilities. In July 2018, the first manned launch with the rocket Monado III successfully crossed the ice wall and land in Rotantica. Although a major success, contact with the crew was quickly lost and the landing location has not been found to this day. An established settlement eventually would be created with the launch and landing of the Monado V in May 2019, marking the beginning of the Nuova Aspiria settlement.

Unable to accomplish the operation themselves, the governments of Rosalica and Fortuna brought on other independent entities in order to successfully reach Rotantica. In order to stay in line with the Accords, most personnel were kept in the dark on the true nature of the RFEC, believing it was simply a collaboration between the states towards space exploration. With the leak by Cluster which made the public aware of the cylindrical shape of Urth in 2020, private entities and sponsors were made aware of the actual goal of the RFEC.

In order to further keep the ice walls a secret, the RFEC took a offhand approach in the creation of Nuova Aspiria.

Settlers of Nuova Aspiria

Terine Industries

Fortunan Science and Engineering Department

Rosalican Institute of Science