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Atlae Yura-Teapot
The Atlae Isles
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Deputy Provost
Assumed office
May 25 2020
Field Marshal of the Eastern Pacific Sovereign Army
Assumed office
March 6 2020
Preceded bySakana
Assumed office
October 30 2019
Deputy Minister of Information and Communication
Assumed office
October 28 2019
Chief Officer of Justice
In office
November 25 2019 – March 25 2020
Preceded byPosition Established
Succeeded byVacant
Minister of Education
In office
June 26 2018 – September 30 2018
Preceded byBachtendekuppen
Succeeded byZukchiva
Minister of Foreign Affairs
In office
July 25 2017 – December 9 2017
Preceded byVacant
Succeeded byAeneas Prime
Provost of the 34th Magisterium
In office
July 24 2017 – October 17 2017
Preceded byDremaur
Succeeded byRespublika Bielarus
In office
January 5 2017 – September 30 2017
Personal details
Born (2016-02-07) 7 February 2016 (age 8)
CitizenshipThe East Pacific
Alma materUniversity of The East Pacific

Not to be confused with Atlae, the country on Urth that Atlae, the government official, represents and secretly governs.

Atlae Yura-Teapot or The Atlae Isles