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The Confederated East Pacific

Seal of The East Pacific
Motto: "Hail Pacificus Orientalem!"
Anthem: "Arise, Eastern Pacificans!"
• Delegate
• Founding
• Concordat ratified
• Estimate
11,491 (2nd)
Internet TLD.caek

The Confederated East Pacific, more commonly called The East Pacific, is a game-created region, and the second largest region in the game.

It was originally founded by the Atlantic Central Command, but was taken over by the Farkers under Lothlanderamore. The Delegacy was passed to 1 Infinite Loop, under whom TEP became a feeder.

Loop ruled The East Pacific as Dictator, but would eventually have the Articles of Confederation written. He would later pass the Delegacy to Gnidrah.

In 2008, the Empire, capitalizing on Gnidrah's increasing inactivity, invaded TEP. They would hold the region for a few months until the region was liberated by the natives, lead by Daanistan and A Slanted Black Stripe. After this, the Concordat was passed, and the first set of delegate elections were held, electing Todd McCloud as Delegate.

In October 2019, the outgoing Delegate, Fedele, launched an attempted coup d'état. It failed, but it led to a long series of reforms to make the East Pacifican government more open to common citizens.