Aspirian Isles

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Aspirian Isles
Area139,901 km2 (54,016 sq mi)
Population density336.23/km2 (870.8/sq mi)
LanguagesFortunan, Tōwan, Ambravian, Unonian, Codexian
Time zonesUTC+7 to UTC+9
Largest citiesDestino

The Aspirian Isles is a subregion of Yasteria to the east of the continent, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and Codex Pontus that consists of four main island groups: the Fortunan Archipelago, the Medium Isles, Eridani Theta, and the Summer Islands. In the central part of the isles is the Medium Sea, and separating the Aspirian Isles from the mainland is the Shinsu Strait, the __ Sea, and the __ Strait. The total land area of the Aspirian Isles is 139,901 square kilometers (54,016 sq mi) and has a population over 48 million.

Fortuna controls most of the island groups in the Aspirian Isles with the exception of the Summer Islands which is part of Fuso. Nations that share a maritime border with the islands include Auraliyu, Isklevyu, Sorentavia, Packilvania, and North Crencello.


The Aspirian Isles consists of 29 islands with an area over 6.34 squared kilometers, most of which are inhabited, and thousands of uninhabited islets. The four main islands, all with an area over 8,000 squared kilometers, are Eridani Theta, Ancona, Emili, and Toscani. Eridani Theta is the largest and is culturally and politically divided between East Eridani Theta and West Eridani Theta, also referred to as Ambravia.

Fortunan Archipelago Medium Isles Eridani Theta
  1. Emili
  2. Toscani
  3. Ancona
  4. Venmar
  5. Rosa
  6. Flora
  7. Oscanati
  8. Litto
  9. Vitto
  1. Mira
  2. Helena
  3. Grenato
  4. Telga Alpha
  5. Telga Beta
  6. Telga Gamma
  7. Linaro
  8. Opali
  1. Eridani Theta
  2. Western Norvo
  3. Eastern Norvo