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Various women representing the nine major Alferian people, including political leader Avina Unwén (centre-bottom) who represents the Plutcadariou.
Total population
nearly 2 million Increase (2021)
Regions with significant populations
Great Morstaybishlia19,075
Gadelthene, Thaerism

The Altferians (Altferic: Altfers, Ethalrian: Altferer) are an Usprian ethnic group, who have traditionally lived in the Bolvinian Plateau in Durentria and who are the largest Durentria people there. Almost all of modern Altferians live in Durentria, with some significant populations in Vothetria, Sarentria and Great Morstaybishlia.

Territories where the Altferians have traditionally lived, and where their historical state entities used to exist, are called Altferia (Altferic: Altferth). All of the lands populated by Altfers were once part of the independent Rintschea which collapsed in the 4th century CE.


The ethnic name Altfers derives from a compound of the Altferic words alt and fers, literally meaning 'old' and 'people'.

Population and present settlement area


Altferians comprise 14.9 percent of the population of Durentria, whilst comprising 0.2 percent of the population of Vothetria. The government of Sarentria established reservations for the Altferians to protect their dwindling population, which comprises less than 0.1 percent of the population.


In the 14th and 15th centuries, during and following the Seventy Years' War, numbers of Altferians were subject to or willingly resettled to the Valerian lands of the Kingdom of Morstaybishlia as a result of Ethalrian deportation campaigns in the region.

In the 1970-80s, during the first decade of the Sofura regime, another emigration wave to the Valerian and Staynish lands in Morstaybishlia took place after the governments' Anti-Altferer Policy.


There is no univocal opinion regarding the origin of the Altferians. The ethnic group is independent of any surrounding ethnic groups, whilst the language evolved from Proto-Ethalric. Many Altferians are Gadelthenians; a religion which centres itself in Altferian land and which descends from the ancient Kingdom of Uspria. The Altferian people are a relatively even mixture of Usprian elf and human.