Alirus Isle

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Alirus Isle
Native name:
შუა კუნძული
Shua K'undzuli
Overview of Alirus Isle
Location of Alirus Isle in the Morst Sea
Green: Alirus Isle; Light Green: Tivot
LocationMorstaybishlian Sea
Adjacent bodies of waterDovian Sea
Morstaybishlian Sea
Tivot Outlying PreservesAlirus Isle
Population0 (2020)
Ethnic groupsN/A

Alirus Isle, also called the Shua K’undzuli in Salovian, is a stratovolcanic island located within the Morstaybishlian Sea. Part of the Tivotian Outlying Preserves, it is a protected area through the Nature Preservation Acts of 1834 and is under the administration of the Tivotian Ministry of Tourism.