2023 Askarabani invasion of Sayyed

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On June 13, 2023, Askaraban attacked the Askarabani-Sayqidi border with chemical weapons, causing the deaths of thousands of soldiers and civilians.

International reactions

After the event, various countries issued statements in response to the attacks.

 Tavaris: Prime Minister Žarís Nevran Alandar condemned the attacks, saying "The Kingdom of Tavaris condemns in the strongest possible terms the blatantly illegal and deeply horrifying deployment of chemical weapons of mass destruction, in any context whatsoever, but especially in areas with civilians. This egregious violation of international norms by Asakaraban is beyond the pale and unacceptable." Nevran Alandar convened an emergency meeting of the National Security Council and pledged to continue regular meetings regarding the situation as it developed. The chairperson of the Diet Committee on National Security, Delegate Vandra Oren Ecendõl (also the deputy chief whip for the governing Irínavi Voi! party) announced plans to hold "preliminary discussions regarding potential military asset deployment in the region," but Prime Minister Nevran Alandar has stated that military action is "not under current consideration."

Tavari Union: Metradani President Shtonar Talakar, who holds the annually rotating Presidency of the Union Council, announced that "the members of the Tavari Union are united in their ardent opposition to these barbaric acts of evil" and that the bloc would immediately begin consideration of sanctions on the government of Askaraban. Additionally, Talakar announced that the Tavari military presence in the Avtovati Isles, a Union Territory located off the western coast of Sayyed, is being "immediately increased for the time being to ensure the continued safety of the Isles."

Saframalani: Saframalani President Muammar al-Douri issued a warning to the Askaraban regime to deter them from a potential similar attack against Saframalani, noting that "the Saframalani Armed Forces and other security services are ready to take an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth and deal interior aggression for each internal aggression." and telling of the potential consequences that the Askaraban regime and as a result the people of the nation would face should an unprecedented aggression against Saframalani take place. The Saframalani Armed Forces have also launched a series of military exercises on the island of Everon in direct response to the threat that Askaraban's invasion of Sayyed poses to Saframalani's national security.

NCEF: The then President of the NCEF, Mæra Saradatur, announced that "The NCEF stands united behind international law and condemns the barbaric invasion done by the governments of Askaraban and Crimpateia. We stand behind Sayyed." After which it was shortly announced that joint sanctions would be placed on the two nations. Which banned all technological and military exports to the two nations and freezed all NCEF assets and investments in said nations. At the 25th June the NCEF also agreed to send a joint economic and sapiant aid package.