2021 Alkari General Assembly Election

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2021 Alkari General Assembly Special Election

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All 725 seats to the General Assembly
363 seats needed for a majority
Leader Enzo Giraud Roland Jerome Brother Victor Bourbeau
Party National Alksearia Party Liberal-Democrat Xaethosi Democrat
Leader since 1st July 2020 15th October 2020 21st October 2020
Last election 290 seats Did not contest Did not contest

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Leader Fabien Morel David Pernet
Party Conservative-Monarchist Lua error in package.lua at line 80: module 'Module:Political party/A' not found. Lua error in package.lua at line 80: module 'Module:Political party/I' not found.
Leader since 1st August 2020 1st August 2020 N/A
Last election 126 seats 118 seats 1 seat

Incumbent Prime Minister

Matthias Barbet
National Alksearia Party

The 2021 Alkari General Assembly Election is slated to occur on 9th January, 2021. This election was called in direct response to the fall of the National Alksearia Party's government with the arrest of PM Matthias Barbet. During this time, Enzo Giraud has been the interim Prime Minister leading a minority caretaker government that has had several controversies. The election was supposed to occur on 9th January 2021, however due to the Balistrian Coalition War, the election was postponed until 2 months after the end of the war.

The election will now occur on [Insert date when the war finishes you fool]. By the end of the night, results should be in.

Parties in the Running

The National Alksearia Party(NAP) is lead by Enzo Giraud after the arrest of Matthias Barbet. His leadership within the party has been marred by a string of controversies one after another. The first of those controversies lead to the party splitting between Giraud loyalists and Jerome loyalists.[n 1] Giraud has used his campaign to vocally criticize the Monarchy and the institutions of Alksearia, but has never once criticized the Church of Xaethos. Those who still remain within NAP also campaign on increasing the constitutional power of the Legislature and limiting the powers of the Monarch even more. The Party's view on Balistria remain rather incocnsistant, but Giraud advocates for removing citizenship with Balistria and carving it up into 9 different states.

After falling out with NAP, Roland Jerome founded the Liberal-Democrat Party. Since their founding, the Liberal-Democrat Party has polled fairly high, and they are the favored party to win the special election. Their main platform at the start of the campaign season was re-establishing the ideals of the influence of the Monarch and the influence of the legislature. When the Balistrian Coalition War ended, the Liberal-Democrats and Roland Jerome started to campaign on a dual state solution for both Alksearia and Balistria.

The Alkari Nationalist Party is the second highest polling party. Fabien Morel lead the party in the first election, and established themselves as a very strong counter to the Liberal Alksearia government. When the election was called, the ANP doubled down on their rhetoric of keeping Alksearia strong and putting Alksearia on the world stage more. However, on 6th November 2020, the ANP Leadership Council and the Chairperson of the ANP removed Fabien Morel from both the Directorship and from the Party. This removal was highly controversial especially since the Party had a massive chance to unseat the Liberal-Democrats. This removal lead Fabien Morel to form the Conservative-Monarchist Party.

Meanwhile, the Church of Xaethos, mainly lead by the Archbishop's faction, found themselves frustrated at the lack of Xaethosi values being represented in the Legislature and in the Monarchy, and has decided to join the political game. The Archbishop authorized the creation of the Xaethosi Democrat in late October 2020. They campaign on the ideal of making Alksearia a true Theocracy while also retaining the Constitution of Alksearia. They also campaign on the idea of having the Archbishop and Monarch co-reign as Heads of State.

Polling Data

The current polling data as of 9th January 2021: (parties from left to right)
Liberal-Democrat: 365 seats
Alkari Nationalist Party: 190 seats
Conservative-Monarchists: 160 seats
Xaethosi Democrat: 8 seats
Independent: 2 seats

Polling data from 9th January 2021s shows the following:

365 seats to Liberal-Democrat

190 seats to Alkari Nationalist Party

160 seats to Conservative-Monarchists

8 seats to Xaethosi Democrat

2 seats to Independents

Offical government: Liberal-Democrat

While a ways off from the actual election date, the data shows that the margin of error for any party to have a majority is shrinking rapidly. A coalition government is likely given polling data.