2020 Kastell Nozvezh riots

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2020 Kastell Nozvezh riots
Part of 2020-Ongoing Kaltariezh unrest
Rioter throwing a molotov cocktail at the police line
Date25 - 29 July 2020
(4 days)
Kastell Nozvezh, Stalzag, Relsche
Caused byGovernment enactment of Black Alert after the July 2020 Kaltariezh attacks
MethodsRioting, looting, arson, robbery, assault, murder, shooting
Resulted inShops, homes, vehicles destroyed
Death(s)37 (2 soldiers, 8 police and 29 rioters)
Injuries403 (82 members of the public, 212 police officers, 109 soldiers)
Damage♅2.4 million in private property
♅4.2 million in city-owned property

The 2020 Kastell Nozvezh riots, more widely known as the 2020 Kastell Nozvezh civil unrest, were a series of protests, riots and civil armed conflict between 25 and 29 July 2020. Thousands of people rioted in cities and towns across eastern Kaltariezh, which saw looting, arson and later a period of approximately 21 minutes of armed conflict between freedom fighters and a combination of provincial police and armed forces, which resulted in the deaths of 37 people.

Protests started in West Noctana, Kastell Nozvezh, following the Morstaybishlian governments implementation of Black Alert after the July 2020 Kaltariezh attacks. Prime Minister Franklin Barvata initiated a state of emergency which was declared across Great Morstaybishlia to help fight terrorism, involving the banning of public demonstrations, and allowing the police to carry out searches without a warrant, put anyone under house arrest without trial and block websites that encouraged acts of terrorism. Eastern Kaltariezh provinces were put on Black Alert with a curfew of 21:00, football matches and pubs were also closed and non-essential travel became prohibited.

Provincial police tried to control protest crowds but were overwhelmed. The protest escalated into a riot. Members of the public used paint bombs, rocks and Molotov cocktails against police. The government authorised the deployment of the army to assist police efforts. Meanwhile in Relsche and Stalzag, other protests and later violent clashes with police occurred. Later in the evening of 25 July a group of people who affiliated with the July 2020 Kaltariezh attacks began firing on police with assault rifles and pistols. Mingling with members of the public, police reported it difficult to shoot authorised targets. The shootings stopped after approximately 20 minutes but rioting and protests continued until 29 July.