2001-2003 Great Lakes Conflict

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2001-2003 Great Lakes Conflict
Date12th July 2001 - 1st of March 2003



Vakarastan, Republic Of Creya
21,000 Soldiers, 76 Ships, 411 Aircraft 18,170 Soldiers, 35 Ships, 263 Aircraft
Casualties and losses
3,400 Soldiers, 10 Ships, 21 Aircraft 8,290 Soldiers, 22 Ships, 92 Aircraft

The Great Lakes Conflict involved fighting between Kuthernburg and NSTO, vs Creya, their allies from 2001 - 2003.

Following the Kuthern Civil war, no serious diplomatic efforts tried to resolve the issues at the heart of the Creya - Kalatian conflict. The Creyan President Ahkeem Belonoa believed that only military initiative would compel Kuthernburg or the international community to facilitate a full Kalatian withdrawal from Altaesia, and hostilities soon resumed across the Great Lakes.

These initially took the form of limited artillery duels and small-scale incursions into Creya, but by late 2000, the Creyan Army judged itself prepared for larger-scale operations. On July 12th, 2001, Belonoa proclaimed the official launch of the Great Lakes Conflict, characterized by large-scale shelling along the Kuthern Great Lakes coast, extensive aerial warfare, and commando raids. Hostilities continued until March 2003 and ended with the annexation of Creya into Kuthern control.

Creyan front

Kuthernburgs victory in the Great Lakes Conflict left the entirety of Creya under Kuthernburg control. Creyan nationalist were determined to regain Creya, and also sought to mitigate the severity of its defeat. Sporadic clashes were taking place after the annexaction.



June 25th, 2001: An Creyan commando force from Freemore moves east and takes up a position at the border, located 10 miles west of Kita, an area controlled by the Kalatians since April 3rd. An Kuthern armored infantry company attacks the Creyan force. The Kuthern company drives off the Creyans but loses 3 dead and 8 wounded.

July 5th, 2001: The Royal Kuthern Air Force bombs Creyan artillery positions that had supported the commandos at Kita.

July 6th, 2001: Creyan Air Force jets strike several Kuthern targets in Valleceno. An Creyan fighter is shot down.

July 10th, 2001: An Creyan Air Force jet is shot down by Kuthern air defenses while on a reconnaissance mission over Kita. Two Recon Jets equipped with cameras are then sent out to carry out the mission, and manage to complete several turns over Kita without any opposition. Two other jets are sent for another reconnaissance mission hours later, but are attacked by Kuthern Air Force fighter jets. One Creyan Jet is shot down.

July 12th, 2001: Artillery exchanges and aerial duels erupt near the Kuthern border. Seven Creyan fighter aircraft are shot down. Creya officially declares war on Kuthenrburg, prompting the NSTO to respond with all member nations declaring war on Creya.