Zycal Island

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Zycal Island
Native name:
სამიზნე კუნძული
Samizne K’undzuli
Satellite Image of Zycal Island
Location of Zycal Island in the Morst Sea
Green: Zycal Island; Light Green: Tivot
LocationMorstaybishlian Sea
Adjacent bodies of waterDovian Sea
Morstaybishlian Sea
Tivot Outlying PreservesZycal Island
Population0 (2020)

Zycal Island is a volcanic island located within the Morstaybishlian Sea, and is one of three islands under the Tivot Outlying Preserves territory of Tivot. The largest of the three islands, it is defined by its large southwestern crater formed from a volcanic eruption some time between 15,000 and 10,000 years ago. It is the most popular tourist destination among the Outlying Preserves, amassing an average ♅13 million per year. Prior to the Expulsion Act of 1834, it was also home to approximately 1,600 individuals in the port town of Tasisili, the remains of which is the most popular location on the island.