York Armed Forces

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Deterrence and diplomacy have been the fundamental tenets of Yorks military defense policy. Since 2017, the military has developed extensive links with armed forces from other countries, in 2018 there has also been an increased emphasis on international peace-keeping and relief operations.

York Armed Forces
Royal York Isles Armed Forces
Flag of York Armed Forces
Service branchesYork Army
HeadquartersDorchester, Yor Isles
Commander-in-ChiefDominik Chren
Republic Of Yor Defense MinisterRuslan Ivanovych Ruban
Secretary General of All ForcesPolina Mykytivna Morhun
Military age18
ConscriptionRequired by law, Enforced.
Active personnel72,000
Reserve personnel1,290,210
FY 2020-21
Percent of GDP3.5%
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Yor is well poised to be using a forward-defense military doctrine. Yor is, after all, a small isles country and it lacks the hinterland for a Defense in depth strategy. Thenceforth, if a wartime military battle is to take place on the isles of Yor, the effects would be devastating to both the people and infrastructure. Press statements from York Ministry of Defense described the YAF as a deterrent force. The YAF's declared mission statement is to "enhance Yor's peace and security through deterrence and diplomacy, and should these fail, to secure a swift and decisive victory over the aggressor".

This group of just over 71,000 officers and servicemen/women staffs the command structure, advises the government, manages the bases, teaches at the tri-service Military Institute, flies the on-call jets, crews the ships on-patrol and stands watch over the straits. They comprise both the top command structure and what might be called the "Standing Forces" which can go into a humanitarian relief or combat situation instantly. The main force actually comprises 250,000 or so Operationally-Ready National Servicemen. This is the full mobilization force that can be called up within a few days. Full sets of light equipment stand ready for them in armories and heavy equipment for their units is maintained in dedicated bunkers. Yor is very high tech and individuals can be reached almost instantly; thus the system is highly flexible, so only the units and numbers needed for a particular task can be summoned. If called up they would be integrated into, augment and dramatically expand the "Standing Forces" up to five times its peacetime size, fully staffed and equipped, while maintaining a cohesive structure.

The YAF's policy towards Sarentria, who share religious and ethnic ties with Yor, Sarentria has been a source of controversy over the years. Sarentrians were virtually excluded from conscription from the beginning of the draft in 2016 until 2019 and, after the policy was eased, were assigned mainly to serve in the police and civil defense (fire brigade), not active combat roles.

Women are exempt from full-time National Service, but can sign on as a career regular soldier in both combat and non-combat roles, some as combat officers, but mostly in clerical and logistic positions in the earlier years. The range of positions available to women has been expanded gradually, with some exceptions in vocations. In July 2018, the YAF held an exhibition highlighting the contributions of women in the armed forces. Annual women career seminars are conducted to inform York women of careers in the YAF facing competitive factors in the labor force.

Foreign defence relations

Yor is part of the Northern Security Treaty Organization, whose other members include the Kuthernburg, Kasmiyland, Nacata Latianburg, and Lessau. Yor has consistently supported a strong Kuthern military presence in the Auroran-Pacific region.

Yor's defense resources have also been used for international humanitarian aid missions. They included PKFU peacekeeping missions, participation in the Multi-National Forces, sending military equipment and personnel to assist in the humanitarian rescue and relief efforts. The Republic of Yor Navy contributes to anti-piracy efforts in the strait of furnifold as part of the NSTO/Furnifold/MBE coalition Combined Maritime Forces. Several of the YAF's top officers have thus overseas operational military experience. Yor was the only Auroran country to contribute assets and personnel to the Global Coalition to Defeat Al-Jaheed and had participated in Operation Atiland Freedom in 2018.

Many of Yor's air units are located abroad in MBE, Kuthernburg or joint RKAF-RYAF airbase.